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Motorists travelling along the A96 at Huntly have no doubt spotted a very large building in construction just off the main road. This is Dean’s new warehouse, and it’s well on its way to completion.

Designed by John Wink Design and taking up approximately 2 acres of the 7.5 acre site across from the Asda supermarket, the building of the warehouse should be completed by early November. Thereafter the fitting out will begin, with racking being installed for up to 2150 pallets.

Our sales guys Michael & Norman taking a look at what will be the new warehouse office area

Our new warehouse is being built to replace a smaller warehouse which currently forms part of Dean’s manufacturing site in Depot Road, Huntly. Once vacated to the new premises, this smaller warehouse space will then be converted into production space providing an extra 10,000 square feet for shortbread & biscuit production, as well as the production of new product lines currently in development. In fact to assist in the creation of new product ideas, this extra production space will also incorporate an exciting new product development facility, where all our future product ideas will be tried and tested.

Moira (HR manager) and Alison (NPD manager) outside the new warehouse

Last week our management team enjoyed a wee trip ‘across the road’ to check on the building progress for themselves. The floor of the building had just been laid, which we learned took an incredible 46 tanker loads of cement to fill! It is estimated that a further 62 tanker loads will be required to complete the outside yard and the road access areas.

The expansive roof of the warehouse makes it ideal for solar panels, and so a bank of 200 panels will be installed across the length of the building. These will generate around 50kw of electricity, which should be sufficient to cover the electricity usage of the warehouse. However during the longer summer days and at weekends we hope that these solar panels will actually contribute electricity to the national grid.

We’re looking forward to a very busy and exciting time ahead with our new warehouse up and running in 2017.

Thanks also to our other project partners at A&M Building Services, Charles Reid & Son Steel Fabricators, KNC Groundworks, Alan Henderson Agricultural Contractor, Chapman Electrical, and J Forsyth & Son.

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