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You may have seen the strange looking object below the Dean’s logo on our Facebook page recently, this is our new QR (Quick Response) Code. Using a QR Scanner on your mobile telephone you can access a link to the following Dean’s online places: Website, Online Store, Facebook Page, Blog, Twitter, YouTube, Baking Podcast, Address details and Recipe of the Month.

We began using a colour version of the QR Code on the Facebook page however, we have had reports that people weren’t always able to scan this code; this is probably because of the particular QR Code reader not being able to scan the colour version on a computer screen. You will see we have now changed it to a mono version in order to try and avoid this problem.  If you continue to have a problem we advise that you try an alternative code reader; we recommend the Optiscan reader for the iPhone which appeared to work well when we tested it. QuickMark also appeared to work well on other telephone models.

Below you will see the mono and colour versions of the QR Code, please use these to test your current QR Code Reader.  If you continue to have problems please let us know either in the comments box below or on the Facebook page.

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