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As part of our 40th anniversary celebrations, we recently commissioned YouGov to conduct a poll to find out what makes women happiest in their 40’s?  The results are fascinating and quite revealing.

You will have heard the term “Life begins and 40”, and for many this is the case; often we are reaching a time when job and financial security are much more assured and we are enjoying more time to do what we want with much less stress in our lives.  35% of those taking part expressed that being more financially secure made them happiest, whilst 31% said being settled and confident in a career was an important factor in their personal happiness.

We also see campaigns with tag lines like “Feel fabulous at forty’, these are designed to encourage us to feel better about ourselves, and our survey does suggest this is important to many of us.  33% of respondents said that knowing what styles suited them rather than keeping up with fashion was what made them happiest.  And 30% said being confident in, and accepting of their body was the thing that made them happy.

As you may also expect family and relationships featured in the survey, however it would appear that our homes play a very important part in achieving happiness and satisfaction.  Perhaps this explains why Kate Moss, now 41, has recently turned her attention to interior design .  Of course, Kate is no stranger to fashion, and she is extremely confident with about her own appearance, so why venture into interior design?  Maybe our survey can shed some light.  56% (the highest amount) of participants said the thing that made them happiest was their home.

So, whilst health, family, job security, friendship, and confidence all featured in the survey, the one thing that featured most in our happiness poll was our homes. 

The infographic below provides some of the main findings of the poll, simply click on the graphic to view or download a bigger version.  We’d also like to hear from you if you agree, or disagree with the findings.  We would like to find out what makes you happiest.  You can let us know here on the blog post, or you can leave us a comment on Facebook or Twitter

Click the graphic to view larger or download.
Click the graphic to view larger or download.

All figures, unless otherwise stated, are form YouGove Plc.  Total sample size was 1472 women.  Fieldwork was undertaken between 17th – 20th  September 2015.  The figures have been weighted and are representative of all GB women (aged 40+).

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