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As National Baking Week is now upon us, we’ve got the perfect excuse (if any were needed!) to indulge our followers on Facebook & Twitter with lots of mouth watering photos of shortbread, biscuits, cakes…..or any baked delicacy for that matter!

One thing we are learning in the wonderful world of social networking is what turns our followers on and what turns them off, and certainly photos of delicous baking is without doubt the thing that interests them the most.  We just need to post up an image of a shortbread finger or cake recipe we’ve tried, and everyone starts hitting the ‘like’ button!  It shouldn’t be any surprise really, we all know that we eat with our eyes first and foremost – aroma, flavour and texture come later. 

One of our favourite Facebook pages to follow is that of Castleton Farm Shop & Cafe (near Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire) who regularly post images of the beautiful bakes they sell in their cafe – a simple but very effective sales technique that works for sure.  Just a glimpse of one of their lemon meringue pies or Victoria sponge cakes and we’re tempted to jump in the car!

And if you’re looking for something truly fab to bake for National Baking Week, how about the drop-dead gorgeous chocolate cake in the November edition of Olive magazine – wow!  Death by chocolate it may be, but what a way to go…!

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