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These lovely pictures of Dean’s Cafe Bistro and Shop don’t tell the full story; yes, you can see the bright spacious Cafe Bistro and, yes you can see the wide range of Dean’s products and many other gifts in our shop but, you can’t appreciate the best bit – the smell!

When you arrive at Dean’s the first thing you notice is the beautiful aroma of shortbread baking in the factory, this immediately makes you feel hungry to try it and, inquisitive about how it is made – we can help with both. We have a visitors viewing gallery complete with interesting facts and figures, Dean’s history and video footage that tells the Dean’s story. You can watch the shortbread being made then, you can buy it in our shop.

If you want something more substantial while you’re with us, the Cafe Bistro offers a full range of hot and cold meals, snack and beverages. We also have free WiFi access so, you can tell your on-line friends all about it while you’re here. And, if you “Check-In” on Facebook Places you could even win some Dean’s product in our regular Check-In prize draws.

So, if you’re looking for something interesting and educational to do with the kids during the holidays, bring them into the Dean’s Factory and make it a treat for yourself at the same time!

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