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The holidays are well and truly upon us now and many of you will be going off to far flung places to enjoy well earned breaks; we would like to find out how far and wide our products are available and we would appreciate your help to do this.

This week we reported in the blog about the Dean’s Team exhibiting at the Summer Fancy Food Show in Washington, we have also reported in the past about trade shows in the Middle East and Spain, all of this travel and hard work is starting to pay off with our products reaching more and more places all the time.

We would like you to let us know if you see our products in a foreign country; better still, take a picture of the products and upload it to our Facebook Page so that we can see if our hard work is having an effect.

We thought we’d start the ball rolling with the picture below which is Will Dean who is the son of our Managing Director, Bill Dean.  Will spotted a good selection of the Dean’s product range in a shop in Cyprus so, thank you Will for getting this picture to start our collection.

If you see our products on your travels please take a picture and put it on our Facebook Page with some information about where it was taken, we’d love to see as many different places featured as possible.

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