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Here at Dean’s we are always striving to raise the bar and to improve every area of our business, so we’re delighted to announce the completion of our latest project, the installation of a lift in the Café Bistro.

If you’ve been in to visit us over the last month you will have noticed some temporary upheaval whilst we were installing the new customer lift, however we’re sure you’ll appreciate it was worth the effort.  Now everyone can enjoy the entire Café Bistro area.  Even better, the addition of our new elevator ensures that everyone has access to the upstairs viewing gallery.

lift 3

Within the viewing gallery you can look into our busy factory (production takes place on weekdays only), as well as enjoy the display graphics and video presentation outlining some of the milestones we’ve enjoyed during our 40 year history.  It covers the early days under the stewardship and guidance of Helen Dean, our long and valued association with Huntly Pipe Band, a Royal visit, our expansion overseas, and some of the inevitable tales that go along with a journey such as ours.  You’ll almost certainly find out things you didn’t previously know about Dean’s as well as sharing in our proud history, and the great products we create.

So why not come and pay us a visit, you’ll find a very warm welcome awaits you……!

cafe bistro


viewing gallery

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