b'HerdyCreated in 2007 by designers Spencer & Diane Hannah, Herdy is the cute and lovable lifestyle brand designed to spread smiles and happiness. Inspired by the beauty of the Lake District and the regions mountain sheep, the Herdwick, Herdy has grown from a seed of an idea into a highly respected company operating across multiple retail channels including giftware, homeware, accessories, bedroom & sleep, outdoor & leisure.The Herdy by Deans range consists of eight colourful tins featuring Herdy and containing all butter shortbread Herdy biscuits. The four smaller tins are collectors edition tins, and the larger tins have exclusive images of the Herdy hobbies that we have all enjoyed more of over the past two years! From the tins to the delicious all butter shortbread, the cheeky, lovable, and funny Herdy spreads smiles and happiness wherever it goes!'