b'Villager JimAT CHRISTMASLaunched in 2020, the current range features the adorable snoozing Dilly the Labrador, the stunning Ascent of the Stag and the cheeky Raspberry Cow.This year we are launching a new Villager Jim by Deans range consisting of four brand new images, just in time for Christmas 2022. Bobbin already has a legion of fans on the Villager Jim Facebook page so Bobbin and the Stone Trough is sure to be popular and were sure that the adorable All Ears will be a hit with fans of Ascent of the Stag. And how could we forget 8 little ducks as they wander along the riverside! Dillys post walk snooze and Ascent of the Stag will be available in a brand-new rigid box format too, alongside Bobbin and the Stone Trough.'