Fun Facts!

Fun Facts!

From the heart of Helen Dean's kitchen to our purpose-built factory, we have certainly grown over the years! We thought we would share some fun facts about Dean's with you, which we hope you will enjoy reading:

In one year, we use enough butter to butter 40 million slices of toast!

To make our 400 tonnes of butter you need 8.8 million litres of milk per annum - this would require just under 1000 cows to supply!

8.8 million litres of milk is enough to fill 3 and a half Olympic swimming pools!

We use around 650,000 kilos of wheat flour a year. That's enough to make around 1.2 million large loaves of bread or 65 million cupcakes!

The amount of power we need to light our factory space has reduced by 75% using LED fittings!

If you laid the shortbread fingers we will make this coming year end to end they would go from Huntly to Dover, across the channel into France, through Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Poland, finishing around Vilnius in Lithuania! Where, incidentally, quite a few of our valued team members are originally from!

If you stacked the same shortbread fingers on top of each other (on the short end) they would be over 2000 times the height of Ben Nevis (Scotland and the UK’s highest mountain), and more than 300 times the height of Mount Everest the highest mountain in the world!! They would reach seven times the height that the international space station orbits the earth at. Quite literally out of this world!

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