Light & crumbly meets bright & colourful…


We’re just a little bit excited to be introducing you to our beautiful new shortbread gift tins featuring iconic Steven Brown Art designs.

For those who aren’t familiar with Steven Brown, he’s the artist behind the bright & colourful Highland cows (or McCoo’s as they’re known) you’ll have seen online, on TV, on living room walls, cushions, coffee cups…….in fact pretty much everywhere!

Ayrshire based Steven Brown has taken the world of popular art by storm with his dazzling designs, because there’s something endearingly sweet yet incredibly cool about a multi-coloured Highland ‘coo’ and Steven’s fans it seems just can’t get enough of his eye catching designs. Having said that, the range doesn’t just feature the McCoo’s.

Meet Francie & Josie McZoo, a couple of stunningly elegant giraffes who also look gorgeous on a shortbread tin!

Each McCoo has a name (of course) and a character all its own, from Lizzie McCoo who’s a bit of a hippy chick and partial to thistles, to Toby-Mori McCoo who fancies himself as a bit of a toff.  Each one is unique & loveable in their own way.

Check out the range by clicking on the following link. We think you’ll find it hard to resist these beautiful tins especially knowing each one is filled with Dean’s light & crumbly all butter shortbread!


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