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It seems the nation just can’t get enough of home baking right now.  
This week is National Cupcake Week with all sorts of glorious cupcakes popping up all over the place – we posted a pic of our cute Dean’s branded cupcakes on our Facebook page this week to mark the occasion. They’re not something we produce, but we had some made for a celebration here earlier this year and couldn’t resist the opportunity to re-post a photo.

And who would have predicted the enormous success of BBC 2’s Great British Bake Off ?  Viewing figures have grown from a very respectable 2.2 million during the first series to an incredible 5 million during series two.  Series three is now well underway with no doubt even greater numbers tuning in to follow the action and pick up some useful tips from resident experts Mary Berry & Paul Hollywood.

So what is it about home baking that captures the heart of the nation?  Well, as experts ourselves we would have to say that there’s nothing nicer than the aroma of home baking fresh from the oven.  There’s something very comforting about the scent of rich, buttery shortbread wafting through the building here at Dean’s, so we can totally understand why people want to create that in their own homes, whether they’re making biscuits, bread or cakes.  There’s also something very nostalgic about home-baking – just the aroma of a freshly baked cake can transport us down memory lane, back to happy days spent in our mother’s or our granny’s kitchen.

Our business has been built on a love of home baking with our founder Helen Dean making her delicious shortbread in her own kitchen in the 1970’s, simply because she loved doing it – she enjoyed the pleasure it gave to her family & friends.  There’s something very affectionate about baking for someone, there are very few situations that aren’t made infinitely better by the addition of some home baking – whether celebrating or commiserating, very few people would turn down the offer of a slice of something home-made!

Last summer we posted a video on our Facebook page showing our followers how to bake perfect scones and we’re amazed at the number of people who have viewed it.  We posted the video on YouTube where an amazing 8600 have viewed it – a further 3000 more followers have downloaded the free podcast version from itunes – that’s a lot of people looking to bake scones!  Having said that it is a fab recipe, so please give it a try if you haven’t already (view the video below).  You’ll find our ‘cream tea’ serving suggestion is to die for, however now that we’re almost at the end of strawberry season try serving with butter and some of your favourite jam – perfect!

You’ll find lots more fantastic baking recipes to tempt you in our Recipe Book feature on our Facebook page, so dig out your mixing bowls and wooden spoons and get baking !

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